Alysa Gap in Simple

Alysa Gap in Simple 14

Alysa Gap was so eager to see her boyfriend back from his business trip. She wore nothing but her sexy white top and lace panties and relaxed a bit in the bedroom waiting for him to come in. She lied seductively and started gently touching her steamy body, slowly fondling her perky small breasts and pulling her other hand down to her most intimate parts.

After a few minutes he walked into the room, very pleased with what he had to see. He pulled his trousers down and pulled out his already throbbing member. After he gently kissed her, he pulled her white thongs down and glazed his fingers just beyond her vagina, which made Alysa very horny and ready to start the intense love-making session.

He went down on the far side of the bed, and laid his lips on her clit and started driving her even more horny with his skilled tongue. She started moaning very seductively, grabbing the pillow and the edges of the bed and first nearly orgasmic waves of pleasure struck her thin body.

When he was done, she wanted to return the favor and they switched their places, with her lips now wrapped around his big penis. She blew him, slowly pulling her head near and away from his stunning body.

The time came for her vagina to feel the throbbing meat inside of her. She went on top and started riding him, slowly at first, but faster which each moan and soft scream.

They kissed passionately while they were doing it and then she went on her side and let him finish the job from behind, driving her to a very intensive orgasm.



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